I’ve always wanted a step nose Alfa. This “1967 Alfa” popped up on my routine daily Alfa search on Craigslist in Anaheim Ca. Photos showed typical signs of a troubled past, funky mirrors, lack of front grilles, fog lights, 80’s wheels, modified rear arches and a sadly chopped the one-piece rear bumper. I emailed the seller and did not get a response so I figured it had sold but then three days later I received a response and made arrangements to inspect the car. As I arrived and approached the little Alfa, my eye caught all the trouble spots, a mediocre paint job, much over spray, a very droopy passenger door, and wheels that belonged on a 80’s RX-7. My intuition was to turn around and go home but since I had driven an hour in OC traffic, I figured I might as well speak with owner and drive the car. The previous owner was a nice fellow who was selling the GT to fund the completion of his other Alfa, a 64 Giulietta Spider which he had owned for 15 years. I walked around the car taking note of all her weaknesses, wrong seats, mismatched tail light lenses, missing glove box lock and the painted red mirrors which were drilled though the fenders. The ground was wet around the car from a morning rain so I held off looking underneath the car. We went for a quick test drive and the car revealed more issues, sluggish acceleration, weak brakes, dim lighting and fairly loose steering. When we got back from test drive I had pretty much decided to pass on the car but I was curious to take a look at the undercarriage-which would surely be totally rusted. To my surprise it was remarkably rust free, and so I started to consider making on offer on the car. I took a walk around it a few more times and the charm of the car
started to really grab me, she needed saving and just like that I made the decision to take her home.
I had a friend help me bring the car home and I asked him to drive so I could check her out from all angles. My assistant was having trouble taking off in first gear due to big flat spot in the lower RPM range, and the car smoked a fair amount all the way home.
And this is the GT when we got home.
The chopped rear bumper was just killing me, so I removed it.
And you can’t remove the rear bumper without removing front……and the fog lights!All these mods were free and I now had a car that looked like a GTA- though it will be a lot of work to make it run anything like one! Here I go……………….

A new friend.


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