Something about the face of these cars is so damned charming.

I bought the red coupe to fix and sell-well at least that was the plan, but this little car has really grabbed me. I love it for what it is, and what it can be. Though I am not ruling out selling it in the future, I really want to work on some of the running issues and enjoy it for a while. Every time I acquire a new project, whether it is a runner or not, I like to try to make it driveable before blowing it apart for restoration. This gives me a baseline and makes the upgrades and fixes that I do along the way more rewarding. With my Giulia sedan I made a decision early on that I would go “all the way” with it. I wanted to build it from the ground up with the finest race-type components I could. And when I was done it was very rewarding, the car is fast, handles wonderful, makes amazing sounds and is very very fun to drive. I have different plans for the Coupe, of course I want great handling and sportiness but I also want it to be daily driver friendly. Alfa makes it easy because all of their cars have a sporting nature engineered in. Currently the red coupe has front suspension bushings which are completely bad, the dampers are gone and it has very bad tires on it…..yet it still handles amazing! Today I placed an order for all the front end bushings and I acquired some proper wheels and tires for it over the weekend. Soon this little Alfa will be driving like the way the factory intended.

First impressions


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