So the “67” is a “65”!


Today I got a pleasant surprise response from Alfa Romeo Italy. What I thought to be a 1967 Giulia Sprint GT turns out to be a 1965 Giulia Sprint GT arguably making it a much more desirable vehicle!

Dear Mister Valenzuela,

With reference to your request we are informing you as follows.

 According to our documentation files, the chassis number AR 615327 originally corresponds to an Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (105.02), manufactured on the 17th May 1965 and sold on the 3rd June 1965 to Alfa Romeo Inc., Newark, USA.

The body colour is musk green, with lather skai interiors.

Yours, Sincerely,

Marco Fazio

Automoboliso Storico

I will start collecting all the bits to make my car complete over the next few weeks and months. It needs a lot to make it right. I’m usually not too concerned with originality so long as the car pleases me aesthetically, I’m happy.  That said, the 65 should have an “eggcrate” grill, different seats, etc. I’d love to find these items. In the meantime however I can make a mesh GTA grill for it, I think that will look great. As for seats, I have a line on some 67 Veloce seats, perhaps I’ll stumble across some 65 seats.


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