As I was driving home in the rain today I started dreaming up different ways to go about with the 65 project. One part of me wants to just park the car until I am ready to full blow it apart completely for a full rotisserie restoration. Yet another part of me really wants to do a rolling restoration which will allow me to slowly and steadily fix and improve the car along the way. Since I am just barely completing my Giulia Sedan project, I know how expensive and time consuming a full restoration can be and I really don’t want to get into start on another until I get my home shop fully functional (more on that later). So for that reason I am reluctantly choosing to go with a rolling restoration, accumulate parts along the way, and try my best to keep this car running as I repair its problem areas. 

First thing is first, SUSPENSION. The car currently wanders really badly, especially when applying the brakes. It is quite scary because it is hard to predict which way the car will dart when trying to slow down. I am fairly certain that all of the ball joints are completely worn and all of the bushings are badly worn. I called up Ian over at Centerline Alfa and placed an order for a complete front end rebuild kit down to the sway bar bushings and all, we actually I was a bit of cheapskate and I will be reusing the steering ball joints out of my Sedan since I recently upgraded to a complete geometry kit from Alfaholics-freeing up all the fresh stock components for the GT (having two 105’s has it’s benefits).


I picked up a set of “Fergat” 15×4.5 steel wheels for the GT. Though they are not technically correct for the 65 GT’s I really like the triangular cutouts vs the round holes of the steelies which came with the GT’s in 65. I decided to keep the patina of the wheels and simply clean them up, remove hub cap clips and run some period correct rubber on them-Vredstein Sprint Classic in 165R15 sizes. I am eager to get this car’s suspension properly sorted and lowered, the wheels should look awesome with a lowered stance.




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  1. Mike Spencer says:

    Just letting you know you have an avid follower to see how this progresses. What a great contrast in perspectives, at work doing maximum development of 964 Porsches with no expense spared, and at home indulging in a more esoteric taste for the cream of the little Alfa crop. What a blast!

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