Busy week at the shop but finally head a day to work on the Giulia Sprint GT which has been patiently waiting for some attention. The doors were suffering from badly worn hinges so I removed the doors and hinges and ordered up the parts I needed for the rebuild. In the meantime I media blasted and inspected the hinges which revealed a few hairline cracks, TIG welder to the rescue I was able to save the hinges and give them new life. It’ll be a while before this car gets any paint work so I coated the hinges in a etching primer to protect them. The hinges, by the way, are beautiful ultralight aluminum castings once again reminding me why I love Alfa Romeos so much. The hinges came together without too much trouble and after playing around with some alignment I was able to get them looking pretty good, I will obsess over perfect fitment sometime later when the car gets fully body worked.





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