I’m not one to brag, but I was quite flattered when auto blogger and youtube sensation Chris Harris came by the Singer shop to visit and spent more than half his time checking out my Giulia which was parked outside. He was telling me that he pilots a Giulia Super race car at Francorchamps and what amazing cars 105 Alfas are. Check out his youtube site here:


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  1. Scott Murray says:

    Hi Dorian, enjoyed reading your posts here, very jealous of the ‘Chris Harris’ time – a few of us here in Oz were watching his youtube laps of Spa in the super he mentioned… Fascinating guy, as is Magnus Walker (although he polarizes opinion a little more 😉 )

    Singer eh ? that sounds like an amazing place to work !



  2. KarolRoso says:

    Hey Dorian. Lucky you, Chris Harris…. really??? That’s so awesome…. I’m so jealous, again. Super cool. Is he as cool in person as he seems in his videos? Btw, have seen the short he made on 512 TR?

  3. KarolRoso says:

    That Singer piece Chris did was awesome, still can’t believe you got to meet him and show off your Giulia.

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