It was new years day and I woke up much too late to make the TRE drive but I decided to head up Angeles Crest Highway for a scenic drive and to test out some fresh front suspension mods I had done to my Giulia Sedan. It only took a few curves to realize how great my new front geometry setup was. The kit changes the roll center and introduces drop links to eliminate bump steer at a much lower ride height. I had set up the front end to some alignment numbers which I thought would be good: 1 degree toe in, 1 degree camber, 4 degrees caster and this worked great. I was able to really power through the curves with much confidence, the car handled my a modern sports car and I’m very happy with the upgrade. The only issue I had is that my ride height clearly changed from the time I started my drive to the time I finished…….seems like my front springs “settled” a bit. By the time I made it back home my car had at least a 1/2 inch lower front ride height and unfortunately it caused some major rubbing and even some tire/fender interference, so bad in fact the my tire has a few chunks missing out of it and I will need to do some paint repairs to the front fender lip. Part of the reason is that I am running a fairly aggressive tire and wheel combination, 195/50-15 tires on a 7 inch wheel with a 29mm offset. The particular tire has a fairly wide tread and I really have to set up the front ride height carefully to avoid interference problems., with the right ride height there is no problem at all but with a ride height that drops a 1/2 inch, it caused a problem for me.


Some painful tire/fender damage.


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