55 Giulietta Project

A client dropped off his lovely 1955 Giulietta Sprint with me this Saturday for some work and a bit of  mechanical “re-imagining”. Though he very much enjoys driving the car, he is looking for a little more “oomph” so I am tasked with giving this car a bit of a modern mechanical makeover wherever possible. Areas I will be concentrating on are: Brakes, Exhaust, Intake, Suspension, Wheels, all while respecting the originality of the car as much as possible and making it all completely reversible if need be. The owner lowered the car with some shorter springs and choose to run his car with no bumpers for a sportier look which I personally love. The lines of the car are really accentuated when you take the bumpers off and leave it to show it’s lovely curves without any brightwork bolted on.



One thought on “55 Giulietta Project

  1. aurelian says:

    Lovely looking ’55 Sprint. Would you mind letting us know the chassis number?

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