Last weekend I spent a few hours my 65 Coupe. I sourced a beat up set of original 65 seats/sliders to replace the totally out of place 72 seats which were in it before. It is amazing what something like this can do to my energy level for this project. I have visions of doing a full strip down and restoration to street racer spec, but in the back of my mind I know how much energy this would take so I have to curb my desire to do this. Instead I have decided to keep it as is and simply re-build it one area at a time and keep the down time to a minimum. I have a box full of suspension rebuild bits, and some sport springs which are waiting to go in. I want to build it into a canyon carver with some sticky tires and proper lightweight wheels. I am removing the badly bondo’d driver side door and replacing it with an original no-bondo-slightly-rusty-but-straight Musk green door which I sourced. I want to find all the parts which I am still missing for it such as a rear view mirror, front grille, one piece bumpers, Carello headlamps, etc etc. Bolt-in roll bar, nice exhaust system, yes.

In the background you can see a client’s 55 which I have been collecting parts (and knowledge) to do some upgrades to. I am fixing some bad vibrations in the drive line, working on the clutch and brakes and then stiffening up the suspension a bit to make it more fun to drive. I am also putting together a beautiful SS exhaust system for it from engine to tailpipe. Heavy steel wheels are getting replaced by light alloy TZ type wheels and period look tires. I should be finally turning wrenches by the weekend as all the parts arrive, I will definitely post more pictures when I get going on this.



Tattered and leaky exhaust system is getting replaced by some mandrel bent SS.


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