750 project

750 project

I’ve been working away at the 55 slowly sorting through some running issues that the car has. One of the issues being a strange vibration that is running through the drive line. I stumbled onto the cause of the problem after spending a few hours attempting to install an Alfaholics SS exhaust system which was especially made for Giuliettas fitted with 1600 engines such as this car has. I was having major problems getting the exhaust system to clear without rubbing against the floor pan and after confirming that I indeed had the correct system for a Giulietta with 1600 engine, I realized that the engine in this particular car was not sitting in it’s original position and was not mounted using factory Veloce engine mounts asi tmaybe should. In order to fit dual carburetors and the larger 1600 engine, this car was fitted with a pair of billet Centerline aftermarket engine mounts which reposition the engine slightly to clear the taller 1600 along with it’s dual side draft Webers. It appears as if the billet mounts are actually over compensating and I am now awaiting an original set of Veloce engine mounts which I am anticipating in the post so that I can experiment with different engine positions until I have one which is just right.

Engine mounts are only part of it. I am also trying to figure out how the transmission mount position affects the drive shaft position (this being my suspicion for the horrible vibration that happens at speed) the drive shaft seems cocked coming out of the transmission yoke, not giving a suitable small angle but rather one of about 10 degrees- definitely not healthy for the drive shaft support bearing and associated parts. I also found the transmission rubber mount and clutch bushing to be tired, all adding up to a poorly performing system.

Brakes and rear end on this car are also in need of some attention and rather than spending much time on them I decided to go with a disc brake and LSD out of a GTV. A 4.56 LSD unit will be stripped of it’s bracketry and the hardware from a 101 will be welded on so that it is a direct fit onto the 55. I look forward to the performance of 4 wheel disc brakes and rebuilt LSD.




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