3 thoughts on “C&C

  1. KarolRoso says:

    Hey Dorian. I receive Pelican Parts news letter, and in their most recent edition they included bunch of photos from most recent C&C at Irvine. Looks like lots of gorgeous Alfas were on hand and among them yours! I was like ‘oh wow, I know this Alfa!’ Funny how small the car world is. Super cool cars.
    My monthly visit to local Tampa C&C event that is put on local mainly anything German dealer nets lots of Porches and BMWs, an Alfa is a huge rarity.

  2. Tee says:

    Hello Dorian,
    I stumbled upon your sight from a link in the Alfa BB, and thought I would drop a line. I have recently relocated to the LA area, and I am a huge car enthusiast with a particular appreciation of all things Italian. I have a 1750 Alfa, and have owned a few other “auto Italia”. I really like your Super and all you have done to it. Aesthetically at least, I have done some similar things to my car. Anyway, I tried to make it out to Irvine for my first Cars & Coffee out here this past weekend, but was not aware it started/ended so early and got there at about 10 am to find an empty lot! I will have to try again one of these weekends, but in the meantime, do you know of any other “meets/events/etc.” like this a little closer to Los Angeles? I live in the West Hollywood / Beverly Hills area. I have seen some things on the web for stuff in Santa Monica and the valley, but they don’t look like they have been updated recently, so I don’t know. Any direction you can give would be appreciated. Maybe I will wake up at the crack of dawn one of these weekends and make it out to Irvine. If I do, I hope to see you there. I would love to see your car in person.

    • vespam5 says:


      Sorry for late late reply, I’ve been very busy lately. I’ll reply to your email and maybe you can join our next Sunday drive?


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