Sometimes you just need to drive.

I tend to get caught up in projects, obsessing over the details and the next phase of the project. I tend to spend entire weekends in the garage tinkering with parts and dreaming up the next phase of the project.  This past weekend I chose to get out of the garage and just get out and drive all day. It’s good to do that because it reminds me what this car obsession is really all about…..the drive. I drove up highway 2 to Newcombs Ranch for some fun driving and much needed inspiration. After the mountain drive I just cruised all over town running errands and doing some shopping. The car strikes up so many conversations, thumbs up and smiles from people around LA. One gentleman nearly cried telling me how he used to drive in a Giulia Sedan back in Lebanon with his father, another person told me he was immediately ditching his plans to build a Datsun 510 and looking for an Alfa.

I am nearing completion of this car and I finally got carpet in the car. I went with a German Wool square weave in green. I’ve been driving the car for the past year with pretty much no interior at all, doing that you get the raw driving experience of hearing every single sound that the car makes from front to back! The engine, the transmission, the suspension all making their sounds as you go down the road. With the carpet in, it’s like hitting the “mute” button, almost all of the clamor of the mechanicals is dampened and turned down a few notches, it’s a much more relaxing environment and makes the drive less stressful and tiring- girlfriend approved.



Here is the aqua vinyl that I chose for the door panels and some of the trim inside the car. Matching interior to the Beige was more difficult than I thought but the green is going to work well.




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