Targa California

Targa California

This was my first year attending the Targa California and it was a very memorable and inspirational experience. This year the Targa California took a new route which led us on a three-day rally over Angeles Crest, Big Bear and deep into the beautiful deserts of California.  The majority of cars were Porsches since the rally is put on by TRE but there was lots of other markes present including Datsuns, VW’s, BMW’s Triumphs, MG’s, Volvos, and of course the Alfa presence was very high and I had a blast and made a few new friends.




Giulia held up well with zero issues other than a little brake fluid boiling after about 30 minutes of  chasing down Porsches on the back side of Big Bear Mountain. The car currently has a fairly short 5th gear and than combined with the 4.56 rear end made for a “revy” three day trip, that said the engine held up great with zero issues to speak of even in the desert heat at high RPM’s for 100’s of miles……good Giulia. The car got a very warm response from fellow drivers, its amazing the smile that a Giulia Sedans put on people’s faces.


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