It’s been really hot the last couple of weeks in LA, hot weather and old cars do not make for the most comfortable combination so last weekend I went out for an morning drive and tried to beat the heat. I brought along my new Canon 6D and was playing around with some of the “photography for dummies” settings that are built into the body.


I’ve have been so busy at Singer that past few months that I’ve hardly had the chance to work on my personal projects. My Sedan is due for some major work and it has been patiently sitting in the garage waiting for me to get going on this. I need to build a rear end for the car since my current worn 4.56 rear end is getting louder and louder. I do so much freeway driving that I’m thinking of going with a 4.10 LSD with some extra locking done to it. I have a fresh Alfaholics Race driveshaft that is ready to go in it as well. This Alfaholics unit does away with the factory “olive” pilot bushing/guibo setup and replaces those with an aluminum plate mated to a U-joint, the setup is claimed to be balanced to 10,000 RPM and of race-quality. This should solve some driveline vibration issues that I’ve been having but I will report back when I complete the install.

The biggest thing the car needs however, is a trip back to the body shop. The paint unfortunately has revealed two cracks and on top of that, I’ve done a bit of rub damage to the front fenders and lower panel myself from the all the driving I’ve been doing. My plan is to strip the engine and drivetrain out of the car so that I can work on it and do a deep cleaning while the body is getting repaired/resprayed. After this I plan on finalizing my interior and calling the car “completed”…….at least until I get going on my fuel injected 2L Twin Spark project that I have planned for it :).


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