SF to Laredo


So the Carrera started in Sonoma for me. I went up Friday to catch the CSRG vintage races happening at Sonoma Raceway (which happened to be the biggest Alfa GTA meet ever) and help with some final preparation on the Alfas. It was an opportunity to shakedown the cars both on the track and on the road and hopefully catch any possible problems or issues before getting to Mexico where the environment would make it more difficult to perform repairs. I spent part of Friday and Saturday upgrading Mark’s dampers from Koni Yellows to the beautiful Alfaholics threaded dampers. I also added some ride height to the front of the car to better deal with the less-than-perfect roads that we were warned about.

By late morning Monday, we hit the road. I was piloting Mark’s brand new F350 diesel loaded with spares and supplies, my buddy Eric was following me in his 1999 Ford Expedition towing Martin’s Taxi. I had a tremendous unfair advantage towing with the diesel over the expedition, the F350 effortlessly pulled along and actually got better the faster I went. Either way, we putted through California, Arizona, New Mexico and then Texas. Embarrassingly, I had never done that exact drive and being that I’ve always had a fascination with the southwest and southwest history, I really enjoyed the drive, daydreaming along the way about the olden days and the rich history of this land.



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