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  1. Dorian,
    I’ve seen your question regarding rollcages in Giulia Saloons.
    I’ve just completed the build of my UK hillclimbing car (for 2014).
    Check out the build of the car on my website.
    Lots of cage details evident in the fabrication pages.
    It was custom made for the car to my design.
    Best of luck.
    Simon Braithwaite.

  2. vespam5 says:

    Simon, thanks for the message. I visited your site, wow what a lovely Giulia you built! I have already started my roll bar project, in fact it is almost done. I will be sure to post some details, now I’m heading back to your site for some eye candy…..

  3. KarolRoso says:

    Hey Dorian,
    Thanks for sharing your Alfa addiction, love your Giulia and what you have done with her. Are those Alfaholics rims? Even though I’m not an Alfa owner just yet I certainly do have the Alfa fever, and hopefully a 105 series is in my near future. Now to Singer. I have a collage made from Singer’s car-porn style gallery at my desk at work. I have seen, multiple times, all videos and reviews of Singer cars that I could find. My favorite design pieces have to be the waffle leather pattern on the dash, the vented seats, and that cool orange tech. How awesome it must be to part of creating something so gorgeous, and so unique. Congratulations on that! I make my way out to Orange County almost every year, are there any tours of the Singer facility available? I keep checking once in a while for a Shop/Merchandise link but to no avail. Any idea if selling merchandise will ever materialize? I know its not a theme park but it might as well be for me. Thanks again.

    • vespam5 says:

      Hi Karol, yes these are Alfaholics wheels on my sedan. Next time you are in town send me an email and I’ll try and set you up on a little tour of the shop!

      • KarolRoso says:

        Hey Dorian. Thanks for the reply. A shop tour whold be fantastic! I probably won’t make it to California till next summer, but will definitely keep your offer in mind. Btw, you probably have heard of them but I figured I’ll share just in case,, great vintage car site, awesome video productions, lots of cool Alfa ones.

  4. KarolRoso says:

    Hey Dorian. I see you took part in this year’s Drive Tastefully. Looks like a fantastic event, lots of amazing cars, I’m sure you’ve enjoyed it. Looks like your Giulia is running strong!

  5. Frans Bakker says:

    Hi Dorian!
    Compliments on that great videos of your beautiful Giulia! The stance of your car is really what I am looking for on my ’71 Giulia. Mine is the one with four headlights and I am preparing a two litre twinspark engine from an Alfa 75 to swap with the 1300.
    Could you tell me what kind of springs & dampers you’ve used,and how much you’ve lowered the car?
    Really a nice detail is that you’ve done away with the front side markers. What a great idea! It absolutely underlines the beauty of this design.
    Hope to hear from you!

    Kind regards,

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